Importance of exams in student's life

Exam is simply a method of verifying the knowledge about the particular subject. The exams are important part of our curriculum. It is a very simple and valuable method of testing the students knowledge. Exams are conducted different ways like written exam, viva, lab exams, etc. The written exam also contains different models, for example one word answer, essay writing exams, multiple choice exams, OMR sheet exams. The method exam will contain many advantages. The method exam is the widely using method to measuring the students knowledge. The writing exam will improve the student different areas of knowledge. The examinations are important for all students life. The students generally fear more on examination. They are not mentally normal to the examination days. At the exam day they are more nervous and they are not sleeping well, also increased her blood pressure. The all students are facing the exams very fear. The students are thinking this is her last chance for success and also thinking the examination result is the main factor for valuating a student, so the student will get the depressed. The main reason for the students depression is, the students are not reading daily and not doing home works and other activities, at the examination time all are worked hard. It is very danger for the students mental health. At the examination time the students body and mental health are not normal, because they not eating food correct, they are getting anxiety and getting more tension. The only main solution for this problem is the regular study of books. Examinations are also a good way of self judgment. The students will easy to understand her problems and also he/she changes those problems. Basically it is a good way of evaluation for the both students and teachers. To attending the exams will improve the students thinking and improving the students memory, also knowing the problems of learning method. The exams are important for all students, like school students, college students, and others.

Examinations are the very powerful tool for evaluation. The all university, school are world widely using one of the method is examination. The examinations also contain different types of pattern. The commonly using patterns of the written exams are paragraph questions, short answer questions, and multiple choice questions, true or false questions, essay questions. Writing these method of questions also improve the students different areas of knowledge, improves the students language better, the students getting mentality for covering all topics on the syllabus. Continuously writing exams improves the students confidence for attending higher level of exams and understanding the different learning method. There are different learning methods are following, like combine study, book reading, online reading, group discussions are giving more confidence for attending the exams. The students health is also important for the exam, most of the students are not eating food well, all student are like fast food. It is not good for the students. the nutrition food is better for student, it protecting the students body and mind well. So the examination time he/she will show well and smart.

The students life exams and its' results are important because the exam result is the valuating factor for the future. Exam result is the valuation factor for all fields. For fob selection, college admission, school admission and other field admissions the exam result is more important. The main advantage of this method is that, the evaluator will easy to understand the students knowledge level about that subject and the contestants language and ideas, interest. It is the very easy way of understanding about the student and helpful to changing the teaching style. For the exam result the exam preparation is the main factor. A perfectly prepared student will get good score for the exams.

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