Main Reasons for Students are Going for Job in Their Early Age

Most of the student are seeking and doing part time job in their academic life. Degree level students are mostly doing part time job. Students are earning their pocket money through this part time job. Many kinds of part time jobs are available at society. But as student you must need a well and strong mind to do the job. Without anyone support earning money through right way is best activity in every student’s life. Teenagers must need money for their enjoyments; about mentioned part time job activities are best for earning. But in some cases students are pushed to do job for money. Here you can see some reasons and explanations.

Family background:-

Family background is important in a child life. He/she begin their career from the family. Without family support students can’t do anything. They need support and money. Some students are coming from poor family ground. They need to study but at the same time they need to find money for living. These will push a student into more stress. Most of the students are searching part time job for living. The family background is the main reason. Some students are quit their education because of family matters. Also every man is doing job for stop their hunger. This is the one of the main reason for to do job.

Academic education:-

In our world education changed as business. Students can’t afford the expense of education. If you are entering into degree academic level, or currently studying in degree academic level you can know the expense of studies. Exam fees, laboratory fees, hostel, mess, and study material prices are including in academic expense, so students have no money to spend for their personal activities. These reasons are force to do extra part time work. Hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and other office jobs are filled with students. In foreign countries students are searching universities with availability of part time job. Each stage of education needs money; poor family background students are sometime stop their academic studies because of money problem. These reasons are always pointing to seek a part time job. Also many universities are started night class for employed student, this way they can do job at morning and evening time spend for studies.


Some students have an ambition about their education. They are completing degree their own money. These minded students are never trying to disturb their parents for money. They do any part time job and studying with their money. These kinds of students are role model for students. This way students will get chance to understand the importance job. When you are choosing this way, you can’t spend money for unimportant matter and you will realize value of each note or coin.

Background of teenage:-

Teenage are spending more time with their friends. Students are giving first options are clubs and other places are spending leisure time. To visit these kinds of place, students must need money. That why some students are moving earn money. But majority students are choosing wrong path for earning money. Sometimes they involved in criminal cases, so teachers and parent must give awareness classes to prevent these kinds of activates. Above we mentioned the expense of education. The government and society must take a good action to decrease the expense of education. If we are not supported the students, our students can’t reach their ambitions, if their ambitions are proved their self our nation will backward in new technologies and progress. The students are our nation’s charcoals, if we create a good path for them we will get fire and they will burn stronger. Teach students about money and how it can spend for good thing. If we get right information we can change the negative. The above mentioned problems’ solutions must need for a good future. As student you can realize it in your experiences.

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