Want to become a better writer? Start the habit of reading

All of us will agree that writing is a skill, which everyone doesn’t have and the noted point is its constant improvement. We might mistakenly think that practice of writing as much as one can will improve writing skill. But the truth is that the more we read the better writer we become. Most interesting fact is that writing is a derivative of reading. Good writing comes from good reading.

Writing is a skill.

It is a very complicated skill, because it can’t be got by simple learning the grammar rules, punctuation marks, and different writing techniques. Certainly, we should know how to write correctly, but only reading can help us to achieve good knowledge. Writers need to read a lot, Magazines, Book, Novels And so on. As they read, they should note down ideas and capture thoughts. They need to grasp the art of language, in order to use the words in future.

Enlarge Your Vocabulary

The main skill writer required is playing with words, knowing which word to use .They can reach the point of excellence by mastering this skill to make a greater impression on a reader. This is why it is vital importance to keep building vocabulary by reading books. Adopting the practices of famous writers, and adding something new and unique styles will turn to excellent writing.

Mind the Grammar

Nobody is perfect, so there’s no need to be worried if you experience some issue of difficulties with grammar. By reading some reputable authors writing we can learn how to avoid making those common grammar mistakes and focus purely on the writing.

Make Thorough Analysis

Of course, reading and enjoying the work of authors you are fond of is all about pleasure. But as a writer we should also dedicate some time for style, characters and plot analysis. Thorough analysis while reading other writers writing help to store something that might use in your future work.

There is quote from an expert: “The most important thing is to read as much you can, like I did. It will give you an understanding of what makes good writing and it will enlarge your vocabulary”-J.K.Rowling

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