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Customer Feedbacks / Re: An interesting opening for the essay
« Last post by Bianca F. Soto on April 04, 2018, 04:21:36 AM »
While start writing an assignment we should have at least some knowledge of what we want to say in the body of our assignment paper. We might have some ideas and evidence which will help to answer the assignment question easily. To get a perfect introduction it is fine to write the body of a paper first but we need to introduce and conclude the topic as they make sense to your readers. The introduction is like a roadmap to the entire assignment. We won't get a second chance to impress the readers so as you said it is very important for an essay to have an interesting opening. It is the most difficult part of assignment writing.
Customer Feedbacks / Re: Conclude an essay with intelligent closing remark
« Last post by Ted S. Perry on April 03, 2018, 04:10:12 AM »
We can simply say that conclusion is to restate the main topic. But it's not as simple as saying, the conclusion should not be the exact copy of the main topic or simply a repetitive summary. It needs the most important evidence supporting your argument. As you said conclusion should be our own last word. A better conclusion match with the ideas presented in the introduction. The conclusion is not a place to share new topics or ideas, it should contain only details which is in the body.
Commonly argumentive essays are assigned as a part of an advanced composition. As you have mentioned in your thread sometimes the essay topic is well known and you can write freely as you wish. However, students get stuck with topics that are purposefully assigned as unknown to them. The main reason to write an argumentive essay is to investigate the given topic; collect all the data, and analyze the evidence, and then establish the topic in a concise manner. It is common that all good argumentative essay topics are controversial. There will be two or more points of view on the issue and the writer should find enough evidence to prove his/her point of view. While writing an argumentative paper on a known or unknown topic you should make your point of view and support more logically and trustworthy.
Supreme Custom Essays Support / Re: Good evidence for the essay topic
« Last post by John N. Zeitler on March 21, 2018, 05:15:53 AM »
While writing an essay it needs a strong evidence to stand upon your statement. Sometime the readers may not agree with your words but the evidence will support your position. Always take a stand with a proper evidence. Finding all the evidence is somewhat difficult. The success of your essay will be the proof you submit. Readers won't feel your essay valid without a proper reason. Each piece of evidence will make the overall essay perfect by giving answer for why and how your statement is true. If you won't have any evidence then it will be just piece of information. Collect all the needed data through books and other resources.
The first thing you have to do is think and decide a thesis. You have to consider your reader while choosing a thesis. It will be a plus point if you have some new and stimulating ideas. Essays can be written in an interesting way with some interesting ideas. After getting a thesis start researching for the topic so that you will get the all necessary information. It will be critical if you are not following the correct format in your competition always be conscious of formatting, citation styles, and word count.  Expand your vocabulary. Always remember to use only most significant aspects in your essay. Don't describe heavily the barely relevant topics. 
Time management is a key point to prepare best essay. Time management is an essential step when the deadline of submission is too tight. First tip for manage time is keep your gadgets like mobile phones, tablets aside. Only answer the important calls. Without any distraction you can prepare your paper even more faster. Next is read the instructions thoroughly so that you won't lose any marks for not following the instructions properly. Use a particular amount of time for research and write down all the outlines. Collecting all the necessary details is very important. An essay is a complete pack of information. All the important topics has to be covered in your paper. Once you get all the information for the paper then you can finish you paper easily. Save some time for proofreading. You can add or remove some points if needed and all the spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes should be corrected. These are the tips basically I follow while preparing an essay. Hope it will help you.
Supreme Custom Essays Support / Re: How to identify writing process?
« Last post by Kathlene T. Turnbull on March 01, 2018, 04:07:56 AM »
It is true that there are many writing process are available and it's hard to select one of them for our topic. I basic ally recommend you to follow the four step writing process which is common in all writings. First step in prewriting, it is the first stage of writing where we need to research and collect all the details required for the topic. All the details are collected first so that we can write easily. Next is drafting, Make a note for you ideas. Here you can write what you know and your opinion about the topic. Next is revising, just check whether you have forgot any important topic to include in your paper. Make a connection to your ideas and the explanations in a clear way. Last is editing, check for spelling mistakes, grammars etc.
Customer Feedbacks / An interesting opening for the essay
« Last post by Christine J. Giuliano on February 27, 2018, 04:14:14 AM »
A reader starts reading an essay by thinking that he/she will get to know more clear thought about the topic. If the essay starts with a poor statement, it will discourage the reader to read it completely. In the other hand if the essay has an eye catching statement or topic, it will automatically grab the readerís attention. An essay should have a good opening. I was not bothered about this fact until I used this website. It taught me many good tips for my writing. Still I need to more about how can we make an essay interesting? How to prepare the best essay?
From many articles I have read that creative writings will attract the reader and it will make the reader to complete the essay eagerly. But I still donít have idea about what exactly it requires to make an essay creative. Essays are communicative ideas and arguments explained in a clear way to help the reader to get knowledge about it. I want to prepare a creative essay as my academic assignment. While writing an essay we have to consider our reader to make it interesting. Please help me to find some ideas about creative writing and also share what is exactly a creative paper?
Students are writing essays throughout their academic periods without knowing that what type of essay they are preparing. My instructor has asked me to make a detailed explanation on different types of essay and how they are different from each other. I have collected much information for that but I didnít understand about the narrative essay. I have read many articles on that and still I donít have the clear idea about it. So I want help to know what exactly the narrative essay and why itís one the essay type? How it is different from other types of essays?
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