Students are the next future of our society. So, try to build best students

All individuals have the responsibility to protect the society. Now in the modern world all are become very selfish. No one bothered about others feelings; all are busy with their own activities. The aim of all individual is to collect the money. Now peoples are ready to do anything for money. Now the news is very bad and always it shows human's bad activities but then also no one ready to change their character. Today's world girls are not safe. The main reason for people's illegal activity is because they are not educated peoples. Education is very important. Education is given not only for getting a good job. But also education can able to build best citizens. A child case, after his/her parents next priority is their teachers. Relationships are gift of god so; always try to maintain good relations. Here in school or any other education system; always maintain good relationship with your lectures. Lecture and student relationship is always strong. As a student, you should always try maximum to impress your lectures. If your lectures feel bad impression on you then they not bothered about you but in the same case if your lectures feel best impression on you then they give special caring for you.

Now our society faces many problems. In the academic, teachers are not only teaching the syllabus rather than that they teach how to become a good citizen. Students are the next futures of our society. If the next futures are not having good character then it affects the society. In the society not all are educated. There are some poor families they don't know the importance of education and they don't like to give education to their children's. First of all, try to push poor people's go school and try to understand them to the importance of education. Education is very important. Especially in the world, now all are changed and here there is a big chance to get trap by others. Now it is very easy to trap an uneducated person. For example, now all transaction is changed. In the case of money transaction we use best technology. If you are a uneducated person then you don't know about it so that only you search others help. Here all are not have good character so that here there is a big chance for getting trap by others. As a student, you know the importance of education so that try to understand the poor family peoples about the importance of education.

A best citizen should have some main characters. The main characters that a best citizen should have are helping nature. Here in the academic, teachers are first teaching good behavior. A good student always gives good value to all relationships and always tries to keep best relationship. A best student helps others. If anyone don't have food then a best student share food and help others. In the academic all students are not coming from the same family background. Some of them are having some financial problem. If you are coming from the good family background then try to help those students. A teacher aim is not only teach the syllabus rather than that teachers try to build good citizens. As a student, you should give first priority to your lectures because lectures are guiding you how to become a good citizen. After completing the course next use that course for your society development. If you complete your course with high marks and you don't do anything for your society then no one like you. In the same way if you don't have good score but you have good character and you do something for your society then all are like you.

Now the main problem that our society is facing is pollution. The main reason for pollution is use of plastics. If we try to avoid plastics then definitely we can able to protect our world from pollution. In the modern society all are busy no one bothered about nature. Now peoples cut the trees and build huge buildings. Before cut the trees keep it in mind, buildings can't give rain and oxygen. If we continuous this then definitely we all are feel very stress and it affect future. By misusing the nature, it affects all people's life very badly and final result of that bad activity is death of the world. Our life is gift of god so; do best activity and help society to become strong. We all are have the responsibility to protect our society so, understand all peoples about importance of education and give education to all peoples. At school teachers have the responsibility to build a good character students. A best student has helping nature, communication skill and all. Teachers teach students about good behavior and teachers build good citizens. Society has some expectations from students so, as a student, after complete the course do best things for society and you are the next future of our society.

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